ji4ka makerspace desk 3 (Small)
ji4ka makerspace desk 3 (Small)

The space is fully automated and non-served , with 24/7 access, video surveillance and security system . By purchasing a membership online you get all the needed information to access the space, including controlled access credentials, wifi internet credentials and credentials for accessing membership area at ji4ka.com with useful information about using the equipment in the hardware lab. Ji4ka is the first co-working space in Bulgaria that offers fully automated and non-served membership management, thanks to the ji4ka’s co-working space online management platform for access, security and user management.

The benefit of purchasing a membership online is that you will be able to use any of the free desks it the space right away, no need to meet anyone and sign contracts etc. Just go at the site and use your credentials for access

The Standard working hours at Ji4ka are Monday – Friday 9 – 17:30

We know that we as people are all different, some are more productive during the day, other’s during the night, so we have envisaged a 24/7 working hours for our long-term members (with memberships of 3+ months). The premises are automated, so that every member with the above requirements will be able to access the premises 24/7 . 

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