Ji4ka is hosted by Hardware Group LTD, a limited liability company, established in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, specialized in embedded hardware and software development, funded entirely from the open source software project Irdroid


2010 – Initial Product / Brand development and prototyping for Irdroid.

2011 – The Irdroid brand is established and first Irdroid modules are released and sold online.

2012 – The Irdroid project is presented at DroidCon at University of Amsterdam and draws attention of VC’s and other investors.

2014 – The Irdroid open source project gains more popularity and becomes a name for all types of infrared solutions and modules. Hardware Group LTD company is established

2017 – Hardware Group LTD invests in office property and technical facilities in Plovdiv

2019 – Hardware Group LTD invests in property and tech equipment for Ji4ka tech & design Co-Working space , where everyone can materialize and prototype their designs by using Ji4ka facilities.

We believe that the key to success is learning by sharing knowledge, ideas and know-how. We have created Ji4ka to help people like us to bootstrap their projects, ideas and companies by using our knowledge facilities and experience. If you think that Ji4ka is the right place for you contact us via email or phone, let’s meet and discuss your project, idea or product and we will do our best to help you in achieving your goals!