Woo Instant Notifications PRO 2.7 is released

Woo Instant Notifications is a Plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to automatically print orders. We offer free version, available from wordpress.org with most of the features available and a PRO version with advanced features.

You can learn more about how the automatic printing solution works by visiting the Blog post below:


We regularly work to improve Woo Instant Notifications in order to provide the best solution for automatic printing WooCommerce Order Receipts for Thermal Printers

New in version 2.7

  • Support for Tyche software Delivery Date
  • Support for Coderockz Delivery Date Time Plugin
  • Fix order metadata from any external plugin for woocommerce 
  • Bugfixes


If you are already a member you can download the latest version of Woo Instant Notifications PRO from the Link below:

You can become a member by visting the link below:

Woo Instant Notifications User’s Manual

In the last six months our team was busy with the development and the improvement of Woo Instant Notifications. Mainly fixing bugs and adding new features. But it is time to publish some documentation about the plugin in addition to the video tutorials.

We have released v.1.0 of Woo Instant Notifications Manual, a very useful handbook for site admins. You will learn how to create, edit and save notification templates, as well as finding useful information about the plugin features, shortcodes and Frequently Asked Questions from the Community.

You can Download the Manual from the link below:

Ji4ka Prepaid Access Cards

We know that not all co-workers want to spent 100% of their working days at the Office / Coworking space or you are just visiting Plovdiv and you need a Coworking Desk.We are now providing prepaid access at Ji4ka Coworking.

Ji4ka Prepaid will:

  • Give you the flexibility to access the office whenever you need.
  • Give you personal prepaid access card for 24/7 access
  • Save you money, as you don’t need to pay each month!

Ji4ka Prepaid packages:

Woo Instant Notifications PRO v2.1 is released

Yesterday 29.06.2020 we have released version 2.1 of Woo Instant Notifications PRO. The new version of the plugin includes new bugfixes and useful features to ease your receipt printing process. Version 2.1 of Woo Instant Notifications features are described below.

Shortcodes for Websolution Delivery Date&Time

  • {wc_delivery_date} shortcode will add the selected delivery date to the receipt
  • {wc_delivery_time} shortcode will add the selected delivery time to the receipt
  • {wc_delivery_type} shortcode for used delivery type (local or other)

v.2.1 of Woo Instant Notifications PRO can be downloaded from the membership area at ji4ka.com

Woo Instant Notifications PRO 1.7 is released

Today we have released version 1.7 of Woo Instant Notifications PRO.

New features:

  • Shortcodes for WooCommerce Checkout Manager from QuadLayers
    • Add custom billing fields on the receipt
    • Add custom Shipping fields on the receipt
    • Add additional custom fields on the printed receipt
  • Shortcodes for Checkout Field Editor PRO
    • Add custom checkout fields on the printed receipts
  • Shortcode for standard Date/Time format for the order

Woo Instant Notifications Pro 1.7 can be downloaded from the members section at https://ji4ka.com/woo-instant-notifications-pro-tutorial/

Digital (Contact-less) Menu’s for Restaurants, Bars and Cafe’s

Following the COVID-19 Outbreak most of the offline businesses were affected by the crisis, but the Restaurants, Bar’s Cafe’s etc. were hit really hard with full closure and in practice the businesses halted.

The above lead to many of the above businesses to invest in their online presence. They started making online stores, and those who already have online presence invested in redesign of their websites and adding additional features for order management and processing.

Now that those businesses started to recover from the crisis (though there are still health measures needed to be taken) the restaurants , cafe’s and Bars began the restart their businesses.

With their online presence already set and their menu’s also available online, many of them discovered that there is way for their clients to access their online menu’s in a contact-less manner by using the NFC technology. Practically to make your online menu available via NFC enabled smartphone, you need a NFC sticker on which you record a URL (the website address of the Restaurant for example) and once the client scans the NFC sticker with his smartphone , he is automatically redirected to the Restaurant web page, where he can choose and purchase without touching any physical menu, thus reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Before the events, following the COVID-19 crisis the contact-less NFC Technology was not that widely used, but nowadays it seems that it will be used worldwide to help the fight against the disease.

If you are a restaurant owner and you want to add a contact-less shortcut to your digital menu on your website you will need the following:

  • NFC TAG / Sticker on each Table (The Client Scans the Sticker with his smartphone and he is redirected to your online restaurant Menu)
  • A Website, where your online menu is accessible

What we do?

  • We at Ji4ka are offering NFC Stickers with or without Branding / Custom Logo, which will help your customers to safely access your online digital menu
  • We will record the NFC Stickers with a link to your Digital Restaurant Menu for free!
  • If you dont have a website with a digital menu we will create one for you! Contact Us!

Below are the type of stickers (All suitable for contact-less restaurant menus) that we offer:

[product_category category=”nfc stickers”]

Why you shall host your Website on the Tor Network?

Why you shall host your Website on the Tor Network?

  • Your website will always be accessible for your clients no matter what. Use Tor as a backup method for your online presence. Learn from the big – Facebook, Google and many others already host their services within Tor
  • The Internet relies on the Domain name system to resolve your server IP address, however if the global DNS system Fails, your clients won’t be able to reach you (there will be no servers to resolve the IP address of your server and thus the browser will NOT load your website). Tor is using a unique approach for accessing services within the Tor cloud (the so called hidden services). Tor does not rely on DNS. 
  • Triple encryption between the Tor Browser and the hidden service server that will make it impossible for man-in-the middle attacks, eavesdropping and so on. Tor hidden services are within the Tor Cloud. All traffic inside the Tor network are encrypted and secured with TLS tunnels.
  • Tor is semi-decentralized network, comprising relays, entry and exit nodes, hosted by volunteers all over the world, initially developed for the US Navy and funded by the US Government. This ensures that there is not a single authority that may shut down the network.
  • Tor provides anonymity, meaning that the client does not know the location AND the IP address of the server in the Tor network.
  • Tor hidden services are accessible behind NAT. You can run your services behind a router / firewall with no further configuration which makes it very useful where you don’t have a public IP for your service. The combination of triple encryption and availability behind NAT makes it very useful for IoT end devices and embedded systems.

What is a hidden service in the Tor Cloud?

The hidden service can be any service luch as FTP server, SSH Server, Web Server etc. The hidden services within Tor are using the onion routing protocol. Every service on the Tor network can be reached via its public key (v2 hidden services are 16 characters base32 hashes of the private key which is RSA1024 and every hidden service name finish with .onion extension) The hidden services can be accessed only within the Tor network by using the Tor Browser. You can learn more about how Tor hidden services work by visiting this link

What do I need to run a Tor hidden service and how hard it is to setup a hidden service on the Tor network?

Setting up a hidden service on the Tor network is very easy. You will need a Machine with Linux preferably and a running instance of Tor, editing the torrc file to define where the hidden service directory

The steps for installing and running a Tor hidden service on machine with Ubuntu are as follows:

  • sudo apt-get install tor
  • Edit /etc/tor/torrc with your editor of choise

You should add two lines in the torrc file to setup a hidden service

  1. HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/webserver/
  2. HiddenServicePort 80

The first line defines where hidden service public/private keys are stored and the second line defines the hidden service port (on the Tor network) and to which port on the local machine it should point to. After editing torrc , save and quit.

type sudo service tor restart

If a hidden service is defined in torrc , Tor automatically generates a RSA1024 private key and base32 .onion public key. The public key is the “domain name” for your hidden service on the Tor network, it is the name which your clients type in the Tor Browser.

To check what .onion name Tor assigned for your hidden service type:

cat /var/lib/tor/webserver/hostname

The auto assigned .onion hidden services public keys are not very human readable . Example -> j234kkn56a77mi.onion

To actually host something on your machine you should install a webserver of your choise such as apache, nginx or any other that will listen on localhost:80 .

Finally your service will be available on Tor

Is there a way to make or generate a vanity Tor .onion public keys?

There is a way to do it by using special utility such as scallion – a vanity .onion names generator that can do a probabilistic search using one or more GPUs . The more GPUs the more faster you will generate your public / private keys . As we mentioned above v2 .onion addresses are 16 characters long and to generate a 16 character long vanity name for Tor it will take all the time in the universe, however if you need 6 – 12 characters prefix, followed by random characters then it is doable.

You can read more about generating a vanity Tor .onion domain / public key by Clicking Here

Ji4ka installs new LoRaWAN Gateway in Plovdiv

Ji4ka Coworking & MakerSpace support The Things Network community in Plovdiv with a new LoRaWAN Gateway, installed in Plovdiv’s city center. The Gateway is installed @ Ji4ka Coworking space near the old town. The Gateway is equipped with 9dBi gain external antenna, mounted on a pole 3.5 meters above the ground.

At the site we have client nodes based on Arduino and raspberry pi, available for Ji4ka’s members and for everyone that want to experiment and learn about LoRA and IoT.

GPU based .onion hash generator

Ji4ka’s GPU .onion miner

If you are planning to put a hidden service on the TOR network, you will notice that accessing the service via its default domain name could be tricky due to the fact that it contains random characters in its domain name which finish with the .onion extension. Ji4ka offers experimental GNU Linux GPU based TOR .onion vanity hash generator which can generate private keys based on your desired readable .onion domain name.

The Onion hash generator @ Ji4ka currently has one AMD Radeon RX580 GPU, which provides a decent hash rate for generating .onion domain private keys.

The system runs also a TOR relay node and example HTTP / SSH hidden service where you can test your generated .onion domain names and make experiments on the TOR Network! Contact us if you want to generate your TOR .onion domain name!

You can do the following:

  • Generate vanity .onion names for TOR hidden services
  • Generate vanity GPG keys
  • Test your generated .onion names by using the Tor relay running on the server.

The system achieves about 2.3 Gh/s (Gigahash) . With this hashrate one can generate TOR onion domain name with 8 characters – about 1 hour, 9 characters about 4 hours , 10 characters for about 48 hours, 11 characters about 3 months.

You can rent the rig for generating your desired vanity .onion domain name and you get the following:

  • SSH access to the onion hash generator
  • Ability to test your domain after generation
  • 24/7 support

Check our listing on eBay for our .onion mining services:

Or you can purchase your desired .onion prefix from the link below:

Purchase vanity onion address

What you get?

  • Public key / the desired .onion vanity address
  • Private key / the one needed to deploy a website / hidden service to the TOR network that will point to your website or hidden service

TOR .onion website hosting / hidden services hosting

Got some NEW hardware updates for the .onion hash generator:

  • New front panel with a LCD display showing GPU1 & GPU2 temperatures in real time, using LCDProc and LCDd
  • Added a second GPU (RX580 8G)
The .onion hash generator now has a new front panel with LCD display and a second GPU