GPU based .onion hash generator

Ji4ka’s GPU .onion miner

If you are planning to put a hidden service on the TOR network, you will notice that accessing the service via its default domain name could be tricky due to the fact that it contains random characters in its domain name which finish with the .onion extension. Ji4ka offers experimental GNU Linux GPU based TOR .onion vanity hash generator which can generate private keys based on your desired readable .onion domain name.

The Onion hash generator @ Ji4ka currently has one AMD Radeon RX580 GPU, which provides a decent hash rate for generating .onion domain private keys.

The system runs also a TOR relay node and example HTTP / SSH hidden service where you can test your generated .onion domain names and make experiments on the TOR Network! Contact us if you want to generate your TOR .onion domain name!

You can do the following:

  • Generate vanity .onion names for TOR hidden services
  • Generate vanity GPG keys
  • Test your generated .onion names by using the Tor relay running on the server.

The system achieves about 2.3 Gh/s (Gigahash) . With this hashrate one can generate TOR onion domain name with 8 characters – about 1 hour, 9 characters about 4 hours , 10 characters for about 48 hours, 11 characters about 3 months.

You can rent the rig for generating your desired vanity .onion domain name and you get the following:

  • SSH access to the onion hash generator
  • Ability to test your domain after generation
  • 24/7 support

Check our listing on eBay for our .onion mining services:

Or you can purchase your desired .onion prefix from the link below:

Purchase vanity onion address

What you get?

  • Public key / the desired .onion vanity address
  • Private key / the one needed to deploy a website / hidden service to the TOR network that will point to your website or hidden service

TOR .onion website hosting / hidden services hosting

Got some NEW hardware updates for the .onion hash generator:

  • New front panel with a LCD display showing GPU1 & GPU2 temperatures in real time, using LCDProc and LCDd
  • Added a second GPU (RX580 8G)
The .onion hash generator now has a new front panel with LCD display and a second GPU