Ji4ka offers an A3 Cutting Plotter to all its members (free) or as a Service. We call it the CraftMaster. You can cut varius types of paper, cardboard, folio, vinyl and many more. The plotter can cut paper and cardboard up to 260g/m2 . The possibilities are endless. The licensed software that comes with the cutting plotter provides not only the possibility to design your cutouts but also prepare your designs with prints prior to cutting.

A Cardboard cut of a snowflake mask design and cutted by using Ji4ka’s CraftMaster

You can do the following:

  • Design and Cut custom cardboard packing and gift boxes
  • Design and Cut paper stickers, PVC Stickers
  • Design and Cut cardboard models for your Projects
  • Design and Cut magnetic paper prints (for fridge magnets)
  • Design and Cut product packing and marketing materials

How it Works?

The cutting plotter accepts a vdoc files design using the SignMaster Craft Design software. The SignMaster Software accepts files from other sources such as CorelDraw, AI, Photoshop and more. The software also has a wizard, you can import bitmaps and add cut contours by using the built-in Wizard, the Bitmaps can also be traced / vectorized automaticall by using the software. Once you design the cutting countours you can print your designs on a Inkjet or a laserjet printer and then feed them into the plotter for cutting. The cutting plotter also allows you to cut without a connection to a computer. Just connect a USB flash drive with the design files on it and enjoy flawless serial production of your designs!