Following the COVID-19 Outbreak most of the offline businesses were affected by the crisis, but the Restaurants, Bar’s Cafe’s etc. were hit really hard with full closure and in practice the businesses halted.

The above lead to many of the above businesses to invest in their online presence. They started making online stores, and those who already have online presence invested in redesign of their websites and adding additional features for order management and processing.

Now that those businesses started to recover from the crisis (though there are still health measures needed to be taken) the restaurants , cafe’s and Bars began the restart their businesses.

With their online presence already set and their menu’s also available online, many of them discovered that there is way for their clients to access their online menu’s in a contact-less manner by using the NFC technology. Practically to make your online menu available via NFC enabled smartphone, you need a NFC sticker on which you record a URL (the website address of the Restaurant for example) and once the client scans the NFC sticker with his smartphone , he is automatically redirected to the Restaurant web page, where he can choose and purchase without touching any physical menu, thus reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Before the events, following the COVID-19 crisis the contact-less NFC Technology was not that widely used, but nowadays it seems that it will be used worldwide to help the fight against the disease.

If you are a restaurant owner and you want to add a contact-less shortcut to your digital menu on your website you will need the following:

  • NFC TAG / Sticker on each Table (The Client Scans the Sticker with his smartphone and he is redirected to your online restaurant Menu)
  • A Website, where your online menu is accessible

What we do?

  • We at Ji4ka are offering NFC Stickers with or without Branding / Custom Logo, which will help your customers to safely access your online digital menu
  • We will record the NFC Stickers with a link to your Digital Restaurant Menu for free!
  • If you dont have a website with a digital menu we will create one for you! Contact Us!

Below are the type of stickers (All suitable for contact-less restaurant menus) that we offer:

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